Yerba Mate Elixir

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Yerba Mate popularly known as “Mate” is an infusion tea made from the leaves of the tree called “Ilex”. "Argentine Yerba Mate”, a greener version of green tea, has ‘The Strength of the Coffee, Health Benefits of Tea & Euphoria of Chocolate. According to various studies done by researchers, Argentine Yerba Mate offers a whole range of benefits to consumers such as Essential Vitamins (B-Complex), Minerals (Potassium), Anti-Oxidants (100% more than Green Tea), Anti-Diabetic , Anti Cancer, Lowering of Bad Cholesterol Level & Easing of Mental & Physical fatigue. Yerba Mate is widely consumed in countries such as the U.S., Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Spain, Japan & Korea.
Ingredients: Blended with Ginger, Tulsi, Saffron & Green Tea
Preparing A Perfect cup of hot & ice tea:

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