A truly innovative way of having high quality leaf grade teas in a user friendly packaging

The Innovation 

Tea Sticks are 2.5 grams of the finest leaf teas encased in pure aluminum foil. Tea Stick was invented by a gentleman who couldn't stand the ugliness of a spent teabag, didn't like the taste of paper or tag or glue from a paper teabag and was unwilling to undergo the ordeal of all the pots and strainer and paraphernalia necessary to serve loose tea. Tea Stick is a great innovation for the pure tea enthusiast. Stick tea creates great conversation and excitement and curiosity when served.The tea is the finest one: full leaf, full bodied, mountain-grown, aromatic; 100% pure, no artificial ingredients.

How it works ?

For each serving, use one Tea Stick. The stick works like an infuser and allows you to control the intensity of the tea. With the traditional tea bag you cannot have a fine tuning on your drink!. The 484 holes on the aluminium surface guarantee to you that we use only full leaf tea with full bodied taste. No powder or residuals. The ample space in the tea sticks allows the tea leaves to bloom to their full capacity without any space constraint when it is brewed in hot water. So you obtain the same work of loose tea with a manual infuser. You do not even need a spoon to stir your cup of tea if you decide to add some sugar. Your stick would serve you good. It is really entertaining to use... ..and it is good to drink!!

How to use a Tea Stick ?
1. Put the stick into an empty glass or mug                                                         
2. Pour hot water over it. Add sugar, milk or lemon as desired.                       
3. With the same stick stir the hot water until you obtain the desired strength


You offer the client a chic and classy tea, and by just placing the Teastick directly into the boiling water of the tea glass/cup you will have served a complete product.

You don't need to provide a spoon to stir in sugar … just use the Teastick .

When serving a glass/cup of tea, you don't have to serve an extra dish as you do to dispose of the used teabag. Just a nice tea glass and a disk to put the glass on to it.

When the Teastick is removed from the glass or cup for disposal, unlike old style teabags, you won't leave a trail of drips on your table-linen.

No need to clean ashtrays when they were used as dustbin for used teabags.

In brief: Teastick is a product of the highest refinement and quality, that saves gastronomes labour and other costs


At Home
For Gastronomy and Catering.
Hairdressers, cosmetic drawing rooms, saunas, fitness centres and golf clubs.
Gift shops.
Offices and dining rooms, waiting rooms, terraces, theatre and all other places were people meet